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StreetLinks Leadership

Tom Hurst - President

As an original founder of StreetLinks, Tom has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success for over 10 years. Since leaving the aviation industry in 2002, Tom’s passion and unwavering dedication to quality, service and innovation have helped to propel both StreetLinks and the mortgage industry forward, taking the company from a small Midwest appraisal firm to one of the largest and fastest growing independent appraisal management companies (AMCs) in the country. Today, as President of StreetLinks, Tom remains an integral part of StreetLinks’ growth, product development and commitment to pushing the status quo, keeping the company at the forefront of valuation technology and innovation. Tom has been nationally recognized as an influential player in the mortgage industry, appearing on Mortgage Professional America’s 2014 Hot 100 list and National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s Top 40 Mortgage Professionals Under 40 feature in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Chad Barker - Chief Operating Officer

Chad joined Superior Appraisal (the forerunner of StreetLinks) in 1996 upon graduation from Indiana University. As a licensed appraiser and astute business developer, Chad was instrumental in the rapid expansion of Superior's client base while simultaneously building Superior's largest team of in-house appraisers. As the company diversified into a national appraisal management company, Chad helped to pioneer the best-of-breed processing and operations platform that differentiates StreetLinks from it's competition today. With a strong focus on business culture, exceptional customer service, and technological systems, Chad continues to execute the ongoing management needs of StreetLinks' unique appraisal quality and delivery platform.

Mike Floyd - Chief Appraiser, SVP of Compliance

A practicing appraiser for nearly 20 years, Mike currently holds a Certified Residential Appraiser license from the State of Indiana. As a founding member of StreetLinks’ predecessor, Superior Appraisal Services, Mike assisted in the training, education and internal quality assurance of a team of over 30 appraisers. His insight and expertise helped grow Superior from a local appraisal firm into one of the largest direct appraisal providers in the Midwest – and eventually, one of the largest and fastest growing non-captive AMCs in the country. As StreetLinks’ Chief Appraiser, Mike created and implemented the company’s extensive quality control and appraisal risk analysis procedures, which proved to be instrumental in enabling StreetLinks to become an industry leader. Today, as StreetLinks' Chief Appraiser and SVP of Compliance, Mike focuses on product quality, continuing vendor and internal education, consistent client communication, compliance with industry standards and AMC-specific legislation, and new product development.

Kelly Taylor - Senior Vice President

Kelly has 20 years of mortgage industry experience managing national retail branch systems and multiple location call centers, as well as large broker platforms. His management experience and leadership have been instrumental in StreetLinks’ rapid growth and success since he joined the team in 2007. As Senior Vice President, Kelly plays a significant role in all aspects of the company, including strategic planning, sales, marketing, operations and product development. As a mortgage industry leader with a strong understanding of the issues facing today's lenders, Kelly brings a unique perspective to the appraisal management business and remains a driving force in StreetLinks’ ability to evolve with the changing regulatory environment.

Donna DelMonte - SVP, Product Development

Donna has over 20 years in the mortgage industry managing National Wholesale and Retail lending operations, encompassing the loan process from origination, underwriting, secondary and risk management. Having formally held the position of Chief Credit Officer, Donna brings a wealth of experience in understanding the necessary service expectations and tools needed for StreetLinks clients. The level of knowledge and experience Donna brings to StreetLinks allows her to understand the needs of the clients to evaluate and create products to better enhance efficiency, and create better, reliable products to mitigate risk potential for our customers.