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StreetLinks QX

At StreetLinks, our quality standards are sky high. We originally built StreetLinks QX to help us maintain our own expectations of appraisal quality, pouring in over three years of analysis, planning and testing to bring it to a level of consistency and accuracy like no collateral underwriting tool we’d ever seen in the market. Now, over 1,000,000 internal reviews later, the StreetLinks QX technology has improved our collateral underwriting efficiency by 40%.

What would that kind of time savings do for your business?

Automated Appraisal Review, 2.0

Say goodbye to risky, redundant reviews. StreetLinks QX combines the most sophisticated automated review utility and manual underwriting process ever developed into a comprehensive collateral underwriting solution that accelerates your review processes and increases the consistency of your results.

StreetLinks QX’s intelligent rules engine scrubs each appraisal against hundreds of rigorously tested, customizable rules, then generates a focused, compliant report that points your underwriting team directly to the areas of the appraisal that need human attention. This adaptive blend of automated and manual appraisal underwriting transforms your appraisal underwriting process, bringing a level of clarity and accuracy you’ve never experienced.

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Questions, Answers, Directives

StreetLinks QX’s powerful components work together to showcase the questions, answers and directives that are essential to your collateral review process – and to helping you feel confident about your lending decisions.

StreetLinks QX

A comprehensive summary of the automated and manual underwriting process, providing the initial data returned by the StreetLinks QX Rules Engine. The StreetLinks QX report highlights which rules passed the automated examination and which rules require human attention.

StreetLinks QX Executed

An executable report that shows the actual results of the manual examination, delving deeper into whether each item was passed or failed by review staff along with commentary from the reviewer. After extensive automated and manual review, the StreetLinks QX Executed report provides clear directives on the best actions to take with each loan.

StreetLinks QX gives you the power to:

  • REDUCE collateral underwriting time by up to 40%
  • REMOVE subjectivity across AMCs or underwriters
  • EXECUTE and focus on manual examination requirements
  • ELIMINATE redundant review processes
  • IMPLEMENT a concise approach to reviewing closed loan files
  • CONFIRM regulatory compliance


“[StreetLinks QX] has helped us further streamline, improve our quality and lower the cost to execute our collateral review process. The end result? Better internal and external customer service.”

- Mike Keleher
President, Royal United Mortgage

“In a market where time is money, I can quickly review and assess an appraisal and laser in on key issues. [StreetLinks QX] allows me to be effective and efficient while others might be using a checklist. This isn’t an AVM. It’s an AVM on steroids.”

- Steven Greenfield
Vice President of Operations, Mortgage Masters

“The [StreetLinks] QX and ValueComp reports are beneficial tools for the collateral underwriting process because they address specific issues or potential deficiencies within each appraisal from both the industry-standard and value-support sides.”

- Roy Hughes
AVP Collateral Underwriting Manager, Wintrust Mortgage